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About Us

My husband and I fell in love with this breed back in 2001. My friend introduced me to a person who had a Cane Corso. Upon my  first encounter with this breed, I thought, "wow!" In the past I had English Mastiffs and my husband had Rottweilers.  This was the perfect combination for us.  I started doing some research on the breed and conversing with the breeder of this dog. I told my husband all about this wonderful dog and I insisted that he had to see them for himself.  We took a trip to visit the breeder. My husband agreed that this was the perfect breed for us. Then, I did what a lot of people do…the wrong thing.  I saw an ad in the newspaper and thought, wow!, what a great price. I bought Cynder.  She's the sweetest thing, but I did not ask any questions about health issues, contracts, and there was no application.  All the warning signs were there but I did not see them. The little research I did was not adequate.

Photo of Frisca Rae - Cane Corso female dog laying in the grass enjoying the day at the Appalachian Cane Corso Farm in Marysville Pennsylvania.Over the next few years I did more intensive research on the breed.  We were ready. In January 2006 we bought our 2nd Cane Corso, a birthday gift for my husband. Tank arrived at 8 weeks old and stole our hearts. A few months later we traveled to Virginia and purchased Frisca Rae. Then, by the kindness of my friend Zoe Devita, we obtained Mossio from Italy. That was the start of our new life style.

Our dogs live with us in our home, they're a big part of our family, we have 4 children, two cats, and a horse. For the first two weeks when a new puppy arrives to live in our home, the pup will sleep in our bed with my husband and myself, right in the middle, we believe this helps the puppy bond with us. When the children go out to play so do the dogs, when I go horse back riding, or ball games, we always seem to have at least one with us. My husband and I enjoy our dogs very much, it is something we do together, as a hobby, for fun and for the complete joy and love of this outstanding, magnificent breed called the Cane Corso. (Italian mastiff).

Caring for the Puppies

As responsible Cane Corso Breeder's, we take pride in ensuring that we work with our puppies to ensure they have a sound temperament, are socialized with children, adults, other dogs and animals.

photo of beautiful lake located on the property of Appalachian Cane Corso.  As Cane Corso Breeder's we provide a nurturing environment for the puppies; where they can experience nature and nurturing.

The Appalachian Cane Corso farm is filled with rolling hills, plentiful ponds and plenty of fun and nurturing for the puppies. Providing a wonderful environment for the pups first weeks of life.

Contact Us

John & Suzanne Bucher
Marysville, PA
(717) 599-2326